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Hi my name is Juicy Lucy, I am here to share my knowledge of all things juicy. I will share my recipes with you so you can enjoy the best vitamin and mineral rich goodness from your juices without having to tax your brain for creative combinations you never even thought would work. There is  a section of live ingredients and their micronutrient content, so you can also tailor your juices to your nutritional needs.

I have also integrated my foody recipes into the blog. Since I follow the Primal blueprint lifestyle, I have been creating some delicious recipes which are also gluten free. So you can be sure to find something to suit your taste, nutritional requirements and budget.

Feel free to post your comments on the recipes and also any of your own suggestions or successes.

Enjoy my little juicymunchykins!



Important note

I am not a qualified medical doctor or nutrition expert. However, I am a chiropractic student and qualified Podiatrist who has always had an interested in fitness, health, well-being and how our diet can change our lives from the inside out.

The information I post is of interest to me, and reliably sourced. I am simply portraying what I have read, what I am interested in and what I think is good to share with you. Under no circumstances should you take what is written on these pages as concrete. I am simply expressing my views and my knowledge through the research I have carried out! For any further questions or information I would recommend you talk to your nutrition expert. However, in the meantime, feel free to wander casually through my pages and recipes, try them out, and give me feedback as you wish!

Thanking you kindly! JL x


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