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Green bomb! Juice

photo (2)Ahhh, the whirring of the juicer as it polverizes my offerings ready to extract the goodness from within. Oh what delights I have for you today!

Getting appropriate nutrients from our food can be a challenge at the best of times (sources, season, cookability). Juicing is here to help. Extracting the juice from selected vegetables and fruits can really boost your vitamin and mineral intake and give you the kickstart to the day you really need.

When I juice on a regular basis, not only do I feel more energetic, but I also feel motivated, refreshed and happy. My skin looks better and my eyes sparkle. Its true, I kid you not.

Broccoli is a firm favourite of mine in my juices. It really is a super food and it is even better raw. It contains a high amount of potassium, which helps maintain a healthy nervous system and optimal brain function, as well as promoting muscle growth. With the potassium…magnesium and calcium it can help regulate blood pressure. Alongside the calcium sits vitamin K which aids in maintenance of bone health and prevention of such diseases as osteoporosis.

Did you know…one cup of broccoli contains our daily recommended allowance of vitamin C. This is a fantastic antioxidant, for fighting those free radicals, and acts as an effective antihistamine to ease discomfort of congestion. Moreover one cup of broccoli boosts our immune system with a large dose of beta-carotene. Trace minerals, such as zinc and selenium, further act to strengthen immune defence actions.

Lets get juicing!


5 celery stalks

1/2 head broccolimean green

1 cucumber

1 courgette

1 pear

1 green apple

1 orange peeled

1″ chunk of ginger


Top and tail all veg and fruit, bathe in a sink of cool water, add to the juicer, pour, enjoy! JL x


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  1. Thanks for the great post and recipe! I am currently on Day 40 of a juice fast and for some reason have never attempted to juice broccoli. Just figured it wouldn’t yield much juice, but will have to give it a try!

    Happy juicing!

    • Wow, nice work! Make sure you keep the stalk, it is where most of the moisture is and add as much or as little depending on taste preference and combination of other ingredients.

      Keep up the good work! JL x


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