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JL Juice cleanse day 3

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The final day in my mini cleanse is here. I woke up at 5:30 am I believe it has something to do with my hunger! And today I am hungry, a little irritated and really cannot wait till tomorrow when I can enjoy one of my Primal blueberry cupcakes (recipe coming soon).

I started my day with water and lemon, ginger and green tepid tea whilst I made my first juice. I fancied carrot today so I worked out a juice around them as the main ingredient.

In carrot, the star vitamin is Vitamin A with one cup serving giving you a whopping 407.6% of your recommended daily intake! Just how big is that cup??!! They also provide benefits to cardiovascular support, are advocated in cancer prevention, full of antioxidants and help support vision.

Here is this mornings juice:

Bugs you-like?

4 large carrots (topped and tailed = T&T)

1 large cucmber (T&T)

1 rosy apple (cored)

1 green apple (cored)

1″ ginger (peeled)

I had an appointment at the gym this afternoon to shake up my schedule and it didn’t disappoint. I was feeling good, no real hunger pangs or pain, my mind was distracted and so I felt good, and whats more I felt energetic and strong. I made another post workout juice with my cocowater and I felt replenished both in thirst and in electrolytes. No dizzies here!

Coconuts have been proven to act as the perfect natural isotonic drink for post workout, they naturally replenish body fluid, raise the metabolism, and promote weight loss. It has immune function as well as detoxifying properties. I will have some of that…please and thank you!

Coco cool

300ml coco water

5 sticks of celery (T&T)

2 kiwi (T&T)

1 courgette (T&T)

I squeezed a little lemon juice in to taste and it really rebalanced the flavours adding some zing and Vit. C!

Come 6pm I a flagging, I am starting to have daydreams about tomorrow and what I should have for breakfast. Do I have a coffee? Or wait till late morning? Do I have a juice or some bacon and eggs? Do I just have a blueberry cupcake? Ooooh I am really feeling it and my stomach sounds like mount etna rumbling. Lots is going on in there. I know its all for the good of my body, but by gum I am pleased I only have a few more hours to think about then bed and fresh up in the morning for a solid breakfast and the gym.

So feeling a little fractious and rather hungry I remember I have Beetroot! I found my beloved raw beetroot in my supermarket and cannot resist. It is a great source of potassium, magnesium, folic acid, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, niacin and beta-carotene. It Aids tissue growth, lowers blood pressure, increases sex drive, prevents some cancers and lowers cholesterol. It has long been used in folk medicine to treat a variety of ailments including fevers and illnesses relating to digestion and the blood. It is in itself a little bomb of goodness. I cannot wait to have this juice.

Beet is me treat

5 sticks celery (T&T)

3 hands spinach

1 large cucmber (T&T)

1 green apple (cored)

1 beetroot (raw)

1″ ginger (peeled)

All in all

I have to say I have enjoyed this mini juice cleanse. I think after doing this one I could take my challenge further next time and do 5 days. However I may just put that on hold for the moment. The juices have been yummers! Some are definately not for the faint hearted, but knowing the nutritional benefits of each of the ingredients helps spur me on.

As a parting note I am just giving you a sneak peek at my cupcakes which I will preview next week!

Enjoy juicykins! JL x

Oh my!… Kates Primal blueberry cupcakes! I cannot wait to try them! I have it on good authority (mum) that they are totally delicious!


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