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JL Juice cleanse day 1

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The day has started very well. I drank only water till late morning then I made my first juice of the day. Accompanied with a lemon and ginger tea tepid.

Easy Juice



4 hands of spinach
4 sticks of celery (topped and tailed)
1cucumber (topped and tailed)
1 rosy apple (cored)
1″ ginger (peeled)
1/2 lime squeezed.

This had a lovely clean taste, it satisfied me and the ginger helped stave any feeling of stomach discomfort from abstaining solids.

Throughout the day I drank water and ginger, lemon and green tea.

Ready for this evenings juice…it has a slight peppery flavour to it from the rocket. My recipe for this evenings juice:

Rocket launcher


5 hands of rocket lettuce
10 strawberries
5 sticks of celery
1 green apple (cored)
1 cucumber (topped and tailed)
1 courgette (topped and tailed)

The emphasis on today was getting the maximum diversity of nutrients and flavours from my juices and to ensure I did not feel icky or hungry. I am satisfied with today, here’s to tomorrow!

Thanks JL x


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