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JL’s Challenge! Post holiday 3 day juice cleanse

I have been on holiday. I have had the most amazing time on the beautiful island of Mallorca with mum and then visited my brother, sister-in-law and bump (eeek!) for the weekend. All in all I have had so much fun, relaxed…and I have indulged.

I have eaten well for the most parts, but I have eaten a lot more than I normally would. Regardless, I have enjoyed every moment of it! The downfall of being on an all inclusive holiday? The after effects of all the delicious food and wine…and glasses of fizz. Yummers!

I believe it is absolutely normal and healthy to indulge and allow yourself that time to relax and unwind and for me it is always a time where I will drink more wine than I would usually allow myself…not the drunk as a skunk and topple over type, but the slow progressive build up throughout the early evening till bedtime that sees you sitting having some fantastic conversations with the fellow holiday makers you have met not really taking note of the bottomless glass of red or fizz that seems to go down oh too well; and ending up having a bit of a twirl on the dancefloor to whatever live entertainment is offered that evening. Great times had by all…but a little fuzzy the next morning!

Although water was drunk to record breaking quantities the post holiday reorganisation, cleanse and body detox is in fact a welcome break!

So here I am, sharing with you my mini juice cleanse diary. As it is only three days I want to document my progress, my feelings and results not only to prove it can be done and has amazing benefits, but also to document for myself to be able to look back on and use, to learn from for any future cleanses I will undertake. So are you with me?!


Its really quite simple to be honest: No solids, no coffee and certainly no alcohol for the next three days or so.

Sounds easy enough, but I know its going to be tough. Especially missing out on that one delicious cup of fresh ground coffee with a dash of cream in the morning! But alas, ‘Tahdaaaaaah’ (with jazz hands) I know I can do this, I know its only three days and I know the benefits shall far outweigh any negatives and so, I shall commit 100% to this plan as explained below.

I will drink only water, organic green tea or organic lemon and ginger tea tepid. I will freshly juice to suit my mood and requirements during the day and I will lightly exercise with my kettlebell, swim and run (one a day not all three silly). I will ensure I get at least 8 hours sleep and keep active during the days!

By Saturday I will have completed my cleanse, however it wont be ending there. I am not going to launch myself into a juicy steak and steamed veg with squash chips just yet. I want to build solids back into my diet slowly so as to not overload my body with toxins after its mini holiday.



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