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Kate’s NO-oatmeal (Primal)

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Some think of the primal diet and their first thoughts are MEAT! Meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They think it is primarily the diet for carnivorous beasts who sit and rip chunks out of chicken with their teeth!

I just wanted to put the record straight…as much as living primarily involves eating a decent proportion of protein, you don’t have to obtain it all from animal sources (even though it is the most readily used source of protein by the body). Nuts and seeds also provide us with some excellent nutritional benefits, including proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats.

Kate’s no-oatmeal recipe

Code: d.sp (dessert spoon)

1 d.sp chopped mixed nuts
1 d.sp mixed seeds
1 d.sp milled flaxseed
1 d.sp desiccated coconut
Small handful of your choice of nuts (as desired)
Almond milk (warmed on stove, or cold as preferred)
Handful of berries. Blueberries work wonderfully. I have also tried with a few strawberries and blackberries, crushed them, then added to my cold alm0nd milk for a twist.

Mix all of the ingredients together, add the milk, add berries and enjoy! You can add more or less of the dry ingredients depending on preference and hunger!

Enjoy munchykins x



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