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It may seem like a dumb statement, however there are advantageous steps to take in order to achieve the most from your fruits and veggies.

First and foremost remember “Out of sight out of mind”. So…leave your juicer set up on your kitchen work top. It will be there everyday begging to be used and more convenient than heaving in and out of cupboards!


Go for the organic produce for your juices, where possible. Organic means it will be free from pesticides, herbicides etc. If you do use non-organic ingredients in your juices, then wash thoroughly with clean cold water. I like to let mine mingle and have a bathe before cleaning individually, and where necessary use a soft brush to remove any chemical residues. If you are still not sure, peel your ingredients.


Shopping at your local farm shop or market usually means fresher, locally grown produce. That’s got to be better than the frozen and flown half way round the world alternative surely! If you are not too sure of the origin, go with what’s in season for your location, this will almost ensure you are buying more locally grown.


Remember to remove any large stones / pips from your ingredients such as peaches, nectarines, cherries and apricots. Also remove the pips from apples before juicing as they are believed to have carcinogenic effects.


Some fruits with a low water content are not as suitable for juicing and are better being broken down in a blender and then combined with the juice. Fruits that should be prepared in the blender include bananas, avocado and papayas.


Once you have put your ingredients through your juicer you should drink your juice as soon as possible to prevent the loss of any nutrients. Some sources advise drinking within 10 minutes, other sources say that in a glass container you can store for up to 24 hours in the fridge.

Personally, I drink half and will usually take half to school with me, and I don’t feel I lost any of the yummy benefits…so do as you prefer.

Cleaning the juicer immediately is a no brainer, you really do not want the pulp to dry stick…nightmare to get off! Occasionally though, I don’t have time so I will leave it to soak.

On a yummers note! Experiment with different veggies and fruits for some amazing combinations. Some of the produce you least expect will in fact turn out to be the most valued in nutrients and taste!

Start off small. Try combining 3 or 4 ingredients, I like to have a ratio of 3:1 veg to fruit as I like to keep my juices as low glycemic as I possibly can. If I need to add some zest, squeezing half a lemon or lime adds instant jooozie!

JL x


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